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PLEASE NOTE – Hesed House is unable to accept large donations of clothing and/or other items. If you have a question about whether we can accept something, please email If you are considering holding a drive for Hesed House, please email in advance of beginning your collections. Thank you for understanding!

October 10th is world homeless day!

Thank you for joining with Hesed House this World Homeless Day! The purpose of this day is to bring to focus the issues of homelessness and inadequate housing. Your support helps provide hope and dignity to our neighbors in need, and makes a difference in our community. Join us throughout the day to see the different opportunities and insights we are excited to share with you!

CLICK HERE to give hope and dignity with your $10 gift 

We could make such a profound impact in the work to end homelessness-one person, one family at a time if we had community members donate $10 today. To show you how far $10 goes in our work – if 120 people donated $10, we would raise $1,200 – which is around the cost it takes for one person to get out of homelessness. Donate $10 to invest in possibilities like this by clicking here!

Shop our $10 and under amazon list

We have made a list of items that are $10 and under on our current needs list. These items will be used for different initiatives to serve our most vulnerable neighbors, hover over each item to see the way it will be used in our different programs. Please be sure to add your full name and address to the gift message so that we can be sure to thank you & send you a receipt.

Shop this Amazon list here.

10 ways to pray for hesed house

  1. Pray for those who are sheltered at Hesed House and for those that dwell in areas around our community. Ask for hope and provision for them.
  2. Pray for those who are working to end homelessness and building up the dignity in each individual at Hesed House. Ask they feel fulfilled in their important work and pray for their abilities in caring for their neighbors.
  3. Pray that the Lord may make it possible to multiply our efforts. As we continue to look to turn our remaining warehouse space into additional shelter, pray for Hesed House to receive the resources and vital support we need to serve our community.
  4. Pray for all those facing homelessness around the world. Pray that our world is empathetic towards the homeless in action and in thought. Remind yourself that each individual facing homelessness was once a child made in God’s image, and continues to deserve the love and grace of God.
  5. In time of this economic insecurity as of late, pray that the poor and those struggling are protected and provided for. Pray for new opportunities and also for healing for those that will be more vulnerable than ever, during this time.
  6. Reflect on your own circumstances: Where are you seeking refuge in your life? & Renewal? Entrust these with the Lord.
  7. Allocate time for gratitude. What is a simple yet profound blessing in your life? What contributions-big or small-are you proud that you made to the world recently? Thank the Lord for providing guidance and sustenance.
  8. Take a moment to sit outside to breathe in the fresh air and to use your senses to process and feel God’s love. Pray that others may feel and know that God’s love and grace is available to them too.
  9. Make time for moments of gratitude. Reflect on the power of having a support system, the chance for uninterrupted sleep, and the times you were hungry and were able to be nourished.
  10. Pray for more supportive housing to be available to our neighbors that are ready to move out of homelessness, but have no where to go. Pray that more options become available and that those advocating for supportive housing feel uplifted in their tireless work.
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