Hesed House, Inc. respects the privacy of its guests, volunteers, donors and visitors to our website.

Website Visitor Information
Hesed House, Inc. does not collect personally identifiable information about visitors to our website unless voluntarily provided to us via website forms, emails, telephone calls or other direct contact.

Hesed House, Inc. does keep records on which pages our visitors view, the URL they were at prior to coming to https://www.hesedhouse.org/ and the search terms used if the previous URL was a search engine or web directory. We do not track IP addresses so this information cannot be identified as belonging to any specific visitor.

Hesed House, Inc. does not share information about its guests, volunteers, donors or visitors to third parties, unless the sharing of that information is at the request of, or with the approval by, that guest, volunteer, donor or visitor, or is required by law.

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